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Chromatic Aberration
We all know that,there are some chromatic aberration color from our computer.Sometimes,we do the woven labels for our customers,they confirm the colors by computer,but when they got goods,the color is not they want.
Woven Labels Machine
Now we have burning machine,crochet machine and wooden spindle machine for woven labels. The burning machine can be do the woven labels from 7mm-20mm widely. The crochet
Order Processing
If you want to order your own woven labels,pls find the details as belows: 1:Provide artwork & design artwork 2:Artwork & price confirmation 3:Prepare samples for evalution 4:Samples confirmation and mass production with advance payment deposit
Internation Delivery
In order to achieve daily work in a timely manner with good quality,we usually use the express delivery for goods. Every body knows that,the woven labels is light,5000 pcs of it is about 2-3 kg with different sizes.
Labels Design
We can provide the labels with customer deisgn. About the design,there have 2 ways: 1. customer provide us their own woven labels design;
School badges
Now more and more school has their own uniform with different school and truth.So school badges is a good remark for school uniform.
Woven Labels edges
Regards to the edges of the woven labels,we have some ways as belows: 1.We do the edges by cutting,there are 2 kinds of cutting: A.Heat cutting:cheap but a little unsmoothly,its used for outwear B.Laser cutting & Ultrasonic butting:as the heat cutting,
Labels Sizes
Labels are intended to brand and complement your apparel; therefore, in most cases, they should be visible but not overwhelming. The most common use for labels is clothing, and in many cases, a 1.5 inch label works best. To determine the overall size of your label,
Woven Labels for baby clothing
We can do carton design woven labels for baby clothing with clorfully.
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